About us

THESPIAN Family Theatre & Productions (TFT), is a member of the International Society for Performing Arts (ISPA), an international world acclaimed body that has been in existence for 65 years and has global membership of performance arts practitioners spanning a number of countries.

We are also members of the Nigerian chapter of the International Theatre Institute (NANTAP - National Association of Nigerian Theatre Arts Practitioners) affiliated to UNESCO.

We have demonstrated leadership through our widely patronized shows and productions enacted in the past. We have radio productions and very successful stage plays such as The Five Maids of Fadaka, The Wizard of Law, Mad King of Ijudiya, The Trials of Brother Jero, The Lion and the Jewel, Crystal Slipper, Midnight Hotel etc., to our credit. We also have seasoned professionals in the area of stage, movies and business on our Board of Directors, and Special Advisory Board.


To "develop the community through the performance arts".


To be the most effective community voice using the platform of stage, screen and other communication channels, by 2020.

Core Values

Our core values stem from our belief that ‘we are not just a theatre, we are a cause’ and these values include:

  • Citizenship: We are passionate about our community

  • Diversity: We recognise our unique differences

  • Heritage: We are proud of our roots

  • Character: We are true to value-base

  • Family: We appeal to TOTAL Family

  • Fun: We believe in fun and laughter ‘laced’ with hard work