Hello Theatre Lovers!

Welcome to Thespian Family Theatre and Productions!

We have an exciting line up of plays, productions and projects ongoing, so continue to follow us on all our platforms to keep abreast. At the heart of all that we do, is the community, and our spotlight is on how we can use our craft to drive positive changes in our society.

Crafting a workable change agenda entails creating a vivid picture about the change that is required, and understanding various viewpoints of the stakeholders, in order to to get their buy in. Change only goes as far as the stakeholders see it. Therefore, creating an awareness of the need for change, instilling a desire for it, educating people on what’s in it for them, and then reinforcing the change, are key steps to moving a change propaganda off the paper to reality. The stage, is a powerful platform to support these various phases of change.

Thanks for dropping by!

Ayo Jaiyesimi